Seeing certain color combinations, associations are sure to fly into anybody`s minds.

Usually, red and yellow will bring to mind things like flags (of Spain, Catalonia-Valencia, R, Security, and adding some shapes you could even think of Macedonia or China).

Beyond flags, Axomil, sunset, fire, peppers,tullips, ballons, ketchup and mustard, Flash, soccer referee cards, Superman… there are SO many options.

But when you consider the hue, tone, context, memory, and further additional information, then those options start to get reduced.

Staring at my delicious lobster and crab ravioli, what sprung to mind? Renaissance tones, food, sports… Florentian epoch past times (although those are Bergamo colors) and medieval pennants… plus a little geek touch, and voilá! The Gryffindor Quidditch team uniform 🙂

Who said my mind was simple? Who said it was not? Who cares?