Today I went to one of MoMA`s members-only gallery talks. This one was about their current Cindy Sherman exhibition (great website, by the way).

Rather than rambling on about Cindy Sherman`s interesting work (an obvious reference to identity, stereotypes, social criticism, art depiction, etc, with her easily recognizable periods and themes), on which there are many articles these days, here are some anecdotes:

  • Photography is not allowed (I really hate it when museums do not allow photography), so why do they place QRs (particularly when the phone coverage is quite bad)? 
  • Group engagement is very interesting, but when you have such heterogeneous groups, it can be quite absurd to ask questions like “what do these photographs tell you?”
  • The lecturer said “famous” so many times, I got tired of counting. It is quite symptomatic and sad that fame (which means “widely known”) is currently used to convey value, interest, and other more elevated concepts.