Yesterday I went to Japan Society for the Kota Yamazaki/Fluid hug-hug (glowing) dance.

I must admit, regardless of having read the description and program, that I did not understand anything at all. Not even after hearing Kota Yamazaki explain his work after the show. So, I did the only thing a reasonable person can do when approaching art and not understanding: feel.

While the apparent lack of linear narrative or character identification makes it hard to approach, the dancers movements (rather than the much touted but ineffective light design), unobtrusive (and minimal) sound landscape by Kohji Setoh, and the elegant twist with the hanging wooden props becoming physical space at the end, played together surprisingly well. Special mention to Ryoji Sasamoto`s incredibly elegant and fluid body movement. In another life I want to move like him.


After the show, I went and had dinner at Sakagura. The first time I went, I ended up dining in next doors Soba Totto because I could not find Sakaguras entrance: it is located inside the building, downstairs.

Nice space, but above all, great food. A wonderful end to a great evening.