How many times have you tried to access online media that was not available in your country? How many times have you gotten frustrated with proxy services?

How many times have you wished there was an easy way to wirelessly display online content on your TV without paying for expensive privative boxes?

Enter + Chromecast

Hola is a free browser extension used by 14 million people to access geographically restricted online media.

Google`s Chromecast is a $35 TV HDMI USB powered dongle that is extremely easy to set up and use. Coupled with apps (from Netflix to Hulu, Pandora to AllCast, Plex to Songza), you can play, not “stream”, all kinds of online multimedia on your TV.

Now, when I travel internationally and I want to see a Netflix movie, which I paid for with my subscription, I dont have to take Netflixs ridiculous geographical restriction (or TVE outside Spain, BBC outside UK, or just about anything inside China…), I just use Hola and access it, then connect to the Chromecast that I have plugged into my hotel`s TV and voilà!

UPDATE: Here are some other alternatives.