This Christmas was the best ever!

We had the kids visit NY from Spain. As usual I never post pictures or give details of other family members in my blog, but we did have a blast: Empire State Building, Central Park, Museum of Math (MoMath), Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), twice dinner at Cafeteria and ice-cream at Amorinos, American Museum of Natural History, the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, chatting with the squirrels at Washington Square Park, Forbidden Planet comics, The Strand bookstore, Grand Central Station… and to top it off we spent a day at the Poconos Camelback mountain snow-tubbing. But, without a doubt, the best moments were spent at home, playing hide and seek (yes, apparently you can play hide and seek in our Chelsea apartment, who knew!), watching classic movies like The Matrix, drawing and writing a book, baking Christmas cookies, and even doing homework.