In December I went to Valencia (Spain) on a business and personal trip. Besides the always sweet family moments (in one of which I was subjected to an artistic transformation in which both my face and my scalp were used as an improvised canvas), there were three things I particularly enjoyed: the Christmas lunch (Spanish tradition, in lieu of the office party) I prepared at the office for the whole team; to finally try the Oculus Riff with my dad and my son at the videogame exhibition at the Valencian Museum of Illustration and Modernity [sic] (MuVIM); and a paella at a family member`s farm in the middle of a Valencian field.

In any case, that was not the only paella I had. I also enjoyed a seafood one with my parents at the beach. Definitely, NY is a very especial city, but when it comes to weather, food and sun, Valencians can`t complain! 😉