Before a very successful day at the trade show (few but extremely interesting meetings with the likes of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, a very large Japanese company known for their electronics, and a BioTech fund from Silicon Valley), I went to the Red Brick Warehouse. I read online someone saying it was the cool alternative to a shopping center, and it was close by, so I decided to check it out for myself. Veredict: not worth it at all.

That evening I was invited to another party, this time for a VIP group of BioJapan participants. This time the party was a complete success: a guitar-saxophone live jazz duo, delicious Japanese buffet (I went around several times, after all they had too much sushi and that goes bad quickly, so “I had to” 😉 ).

To top it off, the venue was exceptional: the Yokohama Museum of Art. And we even got a chance to visit the museum after closing hours. What was shocking to me is that many of the guests did not take that opportunity, and decided to just have beer and talk about sports. Amazingly sad.

After the party I decided to visit the Sky Garden, on top of the Yokohama Landmark Hotel.