The last day we felt a little sad knowing that we had to leave such a wonderful place. But we decided to make the most of it.

First, we made a quick trip to S’Aigua Blanca and Cala Llenya. Then we headed back to Portinatx.

Unfortunately, most charter boats only operate May-October, so my plan to sail around the island was thwarted. But, luckily, the very kind owner of a local grocery store in Portinatx told me I could borrow her paddle-board anytime.

Since my daughter saw the pictures of me paddle boarding in Thailand, she has been relentlessly asking me to take her paddle boarding. So I asked, and of course, she was thrilled!

For over an hour she paddle-boarded like a “natural”, up and down the Cala S’Arenal Gros. I kept pacing up and down the beach, with freezing water up to my knees (and a smile that would not go away), spotting her, and giving her some advice. In the meantime, my son took some great pictures with the DSLR zoom lens.

We left just in time to make it back to the ferry and we arrived home knowing that we would be back in Ibiza soon, and for much longer.

Now the whole family agrees on two favorite places in the world: New York and Ibiza. Just wait until I take them to Tokyo 😉