Our third day onboard the Windstar Star Breeze cruise took us to Giardini Naxos (Italy).

Friday, September 1st, we decided to join the ‘Destination Discovery’ event that Windstar invited us to.

After an hour long walk along Giardini Naxios, a small summer vacation coastal town, we boarded a bus that took us to the Gambino Winery, in Mount Etna.

On the way, our guide explained many interesting things about the famous volcano and the wine producers in the region.

The winery is not that old (30 years) and quite small, but they were really nice, prepared and excellent lunch, and their wines were quite good, as well as expensive.

We then went back to the ship, and the next day was day at sea, so my wonderful wife hosted a cocktail party and we got to meet very interesting people with quite diverse jobs: Nature Conservancy, USA State Department (in charge of VIP security), Swiss Private Banking, Life Insurance…

I’m not one to enjoy small talk or mingling, but I like diversity and learning, as much about a destination, as about people, so it was a lot of fun after all.