Our 6th day onboard the Windstar Star Breeze cruise took us to Dubrovnik (Croatia).

Monday, September 4th we arrived in Dubrovnik (Croatia) at 8am. We had decided to cut the cruise short due to a death in the family, but before heading to the airport to fly back, we had a couple of hours to explore the old town.

Dubrovnik has been chosen by film and TV show location managers, like Game of Thrones and Star Wars VIII for a reason: its old town area is marvelously preserved. Encircled with massive XVI century stone walls, it holds many historic buildings, from baroque (like St. Blaise Church) to Renaissance (like Sponza Palace) and Gothic (like Rector’s Palace). The limestone pedestrian Stradun (or Placa) is full of shops and restaurants… and tourists!

But, as we took a taxi to the airport, we go to see the best views of the city from the Srđ Mountain, driving south through Jadranska cesta.

We will definitely be back to explore more throughly. Until then, so long, Croatia.