Living near the Niagara Falls is amazingly beautiful… so far.

In Canada we’re experiencing the four seasons like never before. We don’t have to look far to find critters. Right in our backyard we have gray and black squirrels (which is nothing more than gray squirrels with a genetic variant that keeps their fur black and gives them a stronger immune system), black and white swans, chipmunks, cardinals, ducks, geese, butterflies, falcons…

When we want to do a little outing, all we have to do is go to nearby beautiful places like Waverly Beach (photos), or Niagara Falls:

Even Toronto is not far. The other day I had to go to take a plane, so we made it a weekend outing, staying at the Four Seasons Hotel, visiting the Ontario Science Centre, and having dinner at Kasa Moto (photos).

Although, truth be told, we’re afraid the video below shows what the evolution of our idealized expectations and true experience is going to be like in the end [video in Spanish] :-)

But, for now, let’s enjoy the first snow:

first snow