October 16 I went to Hanghzou to meet executives from Alibaba and investors from the Zhejiang CKGSB Alumni Association.

We took a high speed train in the morning from Shanghai, and went straight into Alibaba’s headquarters. After the tour of their facilities, we met a couple of executives from Alibaba Cloud. One of them, Dr. Wanli Min, had just retired and started his own VC firm.

Then we were invited to have lunch at the excellent Cantonese and Hangzhou Restaurant Le Parfum, at the Pins de la Brume Hotel, and right after that, we held another investor pitch event (with Lady M cakes, including my favorite: green tea mille-feuille!), this time at the spectacular Zhejiang CKGSB Alumni Association building built by George Mao.

Then we took a bus to the airport, to fly to Shenzhen.