October 15 I went to Shanghai for more lectures, and to meet the biggest investment fund in China: Fosun.

We arrived in a night flight, but luckily our hotel (the Cordis hongqiao) was located next to the airport and train station. Even so, we went to bed way past midnight, and at 6:30am there was a Taichi practice session. Since I’ve practiced Taichi before, I decided to stay in bed a little longer, to gather strength for the intense day ahead.

After a very nice breakfast, we took a bus to downtown Shanghai, where we visited the new main offices of Fosun, and pitched to some of their investment leadership. Fosun is a Global Top 500 conglomerate with over $100 billion under management, which invests in Health, Happiness and Wealth. Some of their more famous investments include movie productions (Wonder Woman, Gemini Man, etc), Club Med, or the Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves) UK Football (“soccer” for US readers) Club.

Fosun sets up an annual “Final Round” where they invite the companies they’re most interested in for a longer discussion, and I was told, on the spot, that my company Kanteron Systems had been selected for the next Final Round in December. Cool!

With no time to waste, we drove to CKGSB’s Shanghai Campus, where we attended the super-interesting lecture “Winning Strategies in China” by Prof. Teng Binsheng, while having lunch on our desks. And, back to back, we went into the investors pitch event. This time even more investors: nearly 200!