Thursday November 28th we flew to Shanghai to visit the SSTT.

苏州科技城 Suzhou Science & Technology Town (SSTT) is a complex of buildings and organizations, where the local government gave us a most impressive presentation of their recent development, and showed us some incredibly fine examples of embroidery. It had to be seen to be believed.

Then we went to the 苏高新软件园 Suzhou Software Technology Park (part of the Zheijang University network), for a networking and investor presentation session.

After that we had great dim sum and views for our final dinner, at Dining Room (大堂茶阁). And from there straight to the airport, to fly to Valencia via Moscow on Aeroflot. Discounted caviar at the Moscow SVO airport lounge, for the cheap oligarch in a hurry, after going through the most unorganized and crowded connecting flights security control I’ve ever seen.