Sweden is not the first place one thinks of when picturing “beaches”, but they do have many. So I decided to get in the Baltic Sea water like a true Nordic.

Both Ribersborgsstranden and Scaniabadet, in the northern tip of Malmö, are places where locals go to walk, relax, and get in the frigid Baltic sea. At 14ºC (57ºF) it’d definitely be way too chilly for me to consider when in Spain, or basically anywhere else. But since here people don’t seem to think that’s a big deal… let’s try it!

The truth is I didn’t dive into the frozen ice water in the middle of winter, like some people do here. I just walked into it, from the beach, in the Summer. But, still. I did not die. For a Spaniard, that shows great strength and determination (or insanity).

The waterfront area is quite nice, and, as the universal truth that it is, all kids were happy at the beach. So were the dogs, in the Hundbadet area of Ribersborgsstranden, before Brygga 1. Puppies prancing, old grumpy dogs chasing the ball, curly haired dogs running into the water over and over… it’s a great day to be a dog!

The whole area of Ribersborgsstranden has a nice promenade by the park, several docks, picnic tables, grills, grass and a long stretch of sand. Of course kids and dogs are not the only critters enjoying the beach. A lot of little fish, seagulls, crows, ducks, and other wildlife also enjoy the Swedish people¡s respect for nature.

Scaniabadet on the other hand does not have a beach. It’s a promenade with several wooden platforms to chill out by the sea and stairs going into the water.

It may not be the Balearic Islands, but for now it will have to do. And it does.

Some photos here