Here is a random collection of oddities found in my local supermarkets in Malmö, Sweden.

Please note that I’m not making fun of foods, brands, or names. But as one moves from one country to another, it’s bound to find curious differences, and hilarity in phonetic translation of foreign names. Here are some examples I’ve encountered in the past few days:

  • Everything is available in tubes of paste. Don’t believe me? Just look at the picture. The one I chose to try is “crayfish - cheese” flavor. Convinced?
  • For some reason, rice pudding is sold in “plastic sausages”. Again, look at the picture. Does anyone have an explanation other than “why not”?
  • They love cracker biscuits here. So much so that the sell them in huge packets, and again in a weird shape: this time round, like giant discs.
  • Potatoes are called potatis, and for some reason… I love it! Then you have a lot of interesting potatis, like kulpotatis, or (funnier for my Spanish speaking readers) potatismos.
  • There’s a brand of canned sardines called Kung [King] Gustav. The funny thing is that it’s hard to find where it says what it is, so it seems like you’re buying a canned monarch with Omega3.
  • Earl Gay tea. It may be a thing somewhere else, but I saw it here first. Like Whoop Ass beer.
  • How about Råris rice?
  • Or åttik spirit?
  • Probably Sockerkaka takes the first price.
  • Finally, something that I was told it was a thing here and I did not believe it until I saw it with my own eyes: kebab pizza.
  • One extra for my Catalan speaking readers: Collons chocolate wafer cookies.

Live to learn and experience. Fun!

Some photos here