A fun day at sea, sailing Greg Erman’s Dharma around the Boston Harbor area (and by Aquapalooza) with friends.

The only thing that was not fun that day was that I had pulled my back the day before at the gym, so I could not help much. That’s why my posture and expression in the photos is stiffer than usual. The Biotech crew were:

  • Greg Erman: investor and serial founder with multiple exits (the last one being EmpiraMed), who provided a lot of historic facts and trivia about the Boston Bay
  • Leo Guyshan: my colleague, Director of Programs at the Harvard iLabs
  • Michael Fenn: Head of External Innovation at Dewpoint Therapeutics
  • Luca Giani: co-Founder at Ilios Therapeutics and Blavatnik Fellow at Harvard Business School
  • Richard Barrett: co-Founder & CSO at Guardian Bio
  • Seward Rutkove: Chair, Dept. of Neurology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and serial entrepreneur
  • Shardule Shah: co-Founder & CEO at Lime Therapeutics

Pictures here.