July 12th marks the first day that I’ve delivered a workshop for Harvard iLab members - Summer Workshop #2: B2B Partnerships/Selling w/Jorge

The workshop took place at Harvard Innovation Labs, 125 Western Avenue, Boston, MA 02134 (USA). The blurb described it as:

Navigating Startup-Corporate Partnerships and Sales. Join us for a dynamic workshop, experienced entrepreneurs Jorge Cortell and Phil Green will share invaluable insights based on decades of experience across several industries, partnering with corporates like IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Hitachi, Hamamatsu… and closing multi-million dollar deals in countries around the world. Discover strategies and best practices that can unlock success and prevent disaster. Gain practical knowledge on identifying the right corporate partner, structuring agreements, and honing your sales techniques for effective collaboration. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experience and network with fellow innovators. Register now and be ready to take your venture to new heights!

It was not widely publicized, and took place in the middle of the Summer term, so the attendance expectation was low. But we were pleasantly surprised, with double the expected registrations and double the average attendance!

Here’s the whole workshop, in video.