On April 25th I attended my first FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) Medical Device Establishment Inspection. Agent (Investigator) Kimberley A. Ricketts called me a couple days before to let me know that as a registered medical device manufacturing company, Kanteron Systems (the company I founded in 2005) had been selected for an Establishment Inspection. It was the “Notice of Inspection pursuant to Section 704(a)(1) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act [21 U.

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Technology is getting easier to use everyday. Take GNU/Linux distributions as an example: anyone can make their own. Does that mean everyone should make their own? Why not? But then, again, we end up with things like Ubuntu Satanic(and their Ubuntu SE 666.10 “Necrophiliac Neuromancer”), Hannah Montana Linux(how far would you go to attract kids to free software?), or Red Star OS(free software for North Korea and non-free browsing? WTF?).

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After wasting hours trying to double space or insert extra line breaks when writing a new post or page in WordPress only to see that WordPress automatically filters the content to remove those extra spaces once you click the “Publish” button, I have found the solution (not as obvious and not readily available in support forums) by using the TinyMCE Advanced plugin, which adds additional functionality to the default WordPress editor, including the ability to stop WordPress from automatically stripping out “p” (paragraph) and “br” (line break) tags.

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