Atlanta`s Hartsfield airport has been having one of those uselessscanners that show passengers naked for a while now. But the last time I was there, they were being tested, and most passengers did not go through them. Today, though, as I approached the security line, I saw that next to every metal detector, there was one of those scanners. “Wow, this is getting worse”, I thought, while seeing how almost everybody was going through the scanners.

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Thanks to Sara, there is a very easy way to add code to your site to protest against SOPA: Drop the following code in between your two tags on your site, your users will be redirected to the blackout page that describes what you are doing and why. `Then, when the protest is over, simply remove the added code. The protest is starting at 12am on 1/18, and lasts 24 hours.

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First things first: thanks to whomever thought I would be interested in joining MCAthrough RiseUp, BUT… Don`t subscribe me to a list without my consent Don`t do so without at least letting me know who you are Don`t assume I might be interested in something because it sounds related to my interest Don`t align me with “scientific socialism” when I am a declared anarchist Don`t make me waste my time on a list where the first 20 or so messages are split between arguing troskist, marxist, rose of lenburguist, bujarinist, bakuninist, leninist, hotsiminist, guevarist, maoist, castrist… and people who want to be taken off the list So, thanks (and I show it by talking about your project here), but show a little respect for other people`s rights, please.

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